Connection Groups

Our connection groups meet regularly each month. You can find a list of connection group meetings on our event calendar.

Here at Buford Church of God, we know and understand the importance of making personal connections.

Our Christian walk is much easier when we are not walking it alone. As a church family, we want to celebrate life with you, but we also want to be a shoulder to lean on and to pray with you when times are tough.

Small groups are a great way to connect and build lifelong relationships. At BCOG, we are a diverse family from all over Georgia, the nation, and the world. We have several small groups from which to choose within your local community and even some more specific to your unique needs.


For more information, call our church office at 770-945-4901 or email us at

By Location

By Topic

By Interest

  • Chosen (Moms with Young Children)      Judy Ordway                    
  • Courageously Connected (Single Moms) Connie Sharp        
  • Family Ministries                                      Matt & Connie Sharp
  • Sewing Seeds                                              Sandra Nunez                        
  • Sister-2-Sister (Ladies’ Ministry)              Pastor Mia Grizzle                      
  • S2S Girls’ Night Out                                Marianna Slaughter
  • The Overflow                                              Aaron & Odalis Ritcheson      
  • Upper Room (Middle & High School)      Pastor Manny & Priscila Santiago
  • Widow’s Might                                             Jackie Henry